Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a specific physiotherapeutic treatment method that is used for joint dysfunction. It is a passive and painless form of therapy which is very effective in relieving tension and aiming at improving mobility and freedom of movement. This way, physiological movement sequences can be restored.

Using targeted examination methods, blockages and tension are detected and can be treated directly.

In physiotherapy, manual techniques are combined with active movements. This makes it possible for the patient to actively support the therapy independently and to influence it positively in the long term.

application areas

  • Restrictions of movement of all kinds, e.g. after sports accidents / injuries and / or operations
  • After long periods of immobilization, e.g. in the case of fractures (broken bones), ligament / tendon / muscle fiber tears,
  • Blockages in the joints and spine
  • Mobility disorders in the spine, e.g. with stiff neck, lumbago, ISG blockages etc.
  • Headache, dizziness and tinnitus triggered by blockages and tension in the cervical spine
  • Arthrosis (wear and tear on the joint cartilage)