Lymph drainage / compression therapy

Lymph drainage is a gentle form of treatment that supports and stimulates the lymphatic system throughout the body. The lymph vessels run parallel to the blood vessels that carry away the tissue fluid. The tasks of the lymphatic system include the cleaning of toxins and waste products, as well as the removal of tissue fluid. In addition, the lymphatic drainage has a strengthening effect on the immune system.

If the lymphatic system is disturbed, the body water builds up in the tissue and swelling (edema) occurs. The aim of lymphatic drainage is to restore the disturbed balance between the amount of tissue water and the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

Manual lymph drainage is used in combination with compression therapy for edema. A bandage is applied in order to reduce the edema as much as possible. Due to the evenly distributed pressure of the bandage, this causes an improved lymph drainage, a softening and reduction of tissue changes, an improvement of the functional deficits of the limbs and a support of the muscle and joint pumps.

application areas

  • After operations or injuries (broken legs, sprains, lymph node removal)
  • Musculoskeletal problems (rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, problems with the spine)
  • For neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, stroke, paralysis)
  • For disorders of the venous outflow (chronic venous insufficiency, varices / varicose veins)
  • migraine
  • Respiratory diseases with heavy mucus
  • For skin changes with chronic rashes and scars

Lymph tapes

The lymph tapes are adhesive strips (tapes) that are breathable and elastic. They are applied to the skin. With the help of a lymph tape, swellings / edema heal better. A lymph tape optimizes lymph drainage and improves fluid circulation. Here there is the possibility of combining the lymph tape with manual lymph drainage. This also supports the removal of the fluid from the tissue. A stimulation of nervous and lymphatic systems as well as muscles and joints should also be achieved.